73 years have gone by, Hindu owner fails to return to his original shop in Baluchistan but the shop remains intact, just the way the he left it.

LORALAI – Shop remains locked at its place but the owner never returns. During the partition of subcontinent, a shop-owner had left Loralai for India, as he belonged followed Hindu religion. Little did he know he might not get a chance to return again. Despite chances of original shop-owner’s return falls short, his Muslim counterpart, also a local ensures the shop is where it is.

Original door and lock of the shop. Image courtesy: Sikh 24.

Loralai is one of the oldest places in Baluchistan where it is believed that Pashtun Hindus hailing from Kakkar tribe used to dwell. During the 1947, in large numbers they migrated to India as they followed Hindu religion, just like many Muslims from India migrated to Pakistan based on their faith.

Loralai District UC Wards List, MNA MPA Seatsلورالائی ضلع کی یونین ...
British colonial period map of Loralai District.

The story reminds of the troubling times of Partition. Despite being 73 years, will the owner return? Seems difficult to answer. However one thing remains for sure is that the Shop is going to go, nowhere.


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