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Ajit Doval leaves SCO meeting after seeing Pakistan’s map.

Synopsis: Ajit Doval leaves the SCO meeting after seeing the new political map of Pakistan.

In a twist of turns, Ajit Doval who is India’s one of the most famous ex-R&AW operative and now currently serving as the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of India leaves the Shanghai Corporation Organization [SCO] meeting after seeing the Pakistani delegation placing the new official map of Pakistan, which again re-attributes Pakistan’s stance on Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The Pakistani delegation was headed by Doctor Moeed Yousaf, who previously served at the US Institute of Peace and currently serving as the PM of Pakistan’s advisory on Foreign and Security issues.

Ajit Doval, from the Indian side, left the meeting in order to protest that the map should not be placed behind the Pakistani delegation and that Pakistan’s assumption to re-raise the issue of Kashmir is unacceptable, as India believes that Kashmir is an internal matter and should be left likewise.

Ajit Doval leaves SCO meeting after seeing the political map of Pakistan. In the picture above, Ajit Doval is not present.

Did his walk-out from the meeting was productive or not, It hard to gather but one thing is for sure the absence of India is clearly obvious, which to his surprise is doing the quite opposite. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss possible security collaboration between the SCO members. SCO’s National Security Advisor’s [NSA] meeting is held in order to discuss regional security collaboration between the member states.

Pakistan has always stood with the people of Kashmir, and will rightfully do so in the near future. There is only one peaceful solution to Kashmir which is to let the Kashmiris decide which side they want to go or have an independent Kashmir altogether. Unless India gives them their right, Pakistan will raise the Kashmir issue at every present forum.

Shahnaseeb Babar

The writer is based in Pakistan who works has an independent Journalist with interests in Politics and current affairs. He tweets at @shahnaseebb

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