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Ajit Doval Walkout: Pakistan claims diplomatic win.

Ajit Doval walked out of the SCO meet yesterday after Pakistan displayed its political map in the background. The move was termed as ill-mannered and diffused the “spirit of cooperation” in the forum. However, after leaving the meet, India proceeded to lobby against Pakistan by objecting against the move.

The Special Assistant to PM on National Security, Moeed Yousuf claimed that Indian representatives objected against displaying of Pakistan’s political flag in the background. However, Russia rejected the move by overruling it timely.

Moeed Yousuf. Source: Pakistan, Our Stories.

Furthermore, Islamabad hailed it as a diplomatic victory. Mr Yousuf tweeted soon:

“I highlighted that unilateral & illegal actions in an internationally recognized disputed territory of IIOJK is a threat to regional peace & prosperity. I also apprised counterparts of Pak’s deep commitment to peace in Afghanistan through an Afghan-led & owned peace process.”

Additionally, he replied:

“Bizarrely, my Indian counterpart chose to walk out of Pakistan and Russia’s speech. Left a bad taste at a forum whose whole spirit is cooperation.”

It needs to be noted that the issue over the map did not start at the moment of the meet. When the representatives conducted a test call for the conference, Indian representatives noticed the map in the background.

Soon after the Indian authorities protested, Moscow informed Islamabad about the inconveniences. However, Mr Moeed refused to remove the map and continued with the stance.

Ajit Doval, from the Indian side, left the meeting in order to protest that the map should not be placed behind the Pakistani delegation and that Pakistan’s assumption to re-raise the issue of Kashmir is unacceptable, as India believes that Kashmir is an internal matter and should be left likewise.

Pakistan has always stood with the people of Kashmir, and will rightfully do so in the near future. There is only one peaceful solution to Kashmir which is to let the Kashmiris decide which side they want to go or have an independent Kashmir altogether. Unless India gives them their right, Pakistan will raise the Kashmir issue at every present forum.

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