Along with the help of provincial authorities, NDMA is actively conducting relief operations amidst nationwide floods.

Like the previous monsoon season, this year Pakistan has again been hit by floods in different parts of the country. While the urban flooding of Karachi received maximum attention due to Karachi being the regional hub, Northern parts of the country are also facing landslides and floods.

Flooded regions of Bahrain, Swat valley is taking the eyes of Pakistani netizens especially seeing the flow of floodwater, which is flowing at a much faster pace than the usual.

It can be witnessed in the following tweet shared by a local.

Seeing the scale of a looming disaster, the National Disaster Management Authority or NDMA has become active, despite already working to fight COVID-19 in Pakistan.

According to the NDMA’s press release: around 15,000 tents and 3,000 blankets has been distributed in multiple regions of Pakistan. NDMA has also alerted the local authorities, including the Engineering Corp of Pakistan Army.

One can only hope for the best in the upcoming days as COVID-19 has already done plenty of destruction in the livelihood of people. Looming flood crises can make things much difficult not only for the socio-economic conditions of Pakistanis but also for the fears of disease.


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