Apple Event: Prices in Pakistan to break the bank!

Apple Event

Apple event is an annual “celebration” for many technology enthusiasts. Every year, a suite of Apple products is unveiled for its consumers across the world. These products usually include the top of the line iPhones and software refreshments.

Due to the pandemic, Apple event followed the “Digital Trends” and went with a virtual keynote. Tim Cook, the CEO for Apple initiated by highlighting the developments that are being carried out at Apple.

Apple Event unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6.
Apple Watch Series 6 is possibly the only major product upgrade to come out of the Apple Event. Source:

There were some major things that were unveiled at the Apple event. Let’s look at them sequentially.

Software Refreshments

Apple announced that they will be releasing their new software by Sept. 16. Furthermore, there will be extensive updates such as iOS 14, Watch OS 7, and tvOS 7. In terms of macOS, there hasn’t been an official intimation, however, it is expected that the new macOS will be shipped with the new macs.

Apple Fitness+ (Rs. 14,000/year, $79.99)

Apple was long thought to be working on a fitness service. This seemed natural as the company has been in developing fitness utilities for various consumers across the board with devices such as Apple Watch. This year, Apple unveiled the Apple Fitness+ service that includes integration with Apple watch and providing workouts specifically tailored for your needs. Furthermore, it will have content related to fitness that will help users explore a more fit lifestyle.

Apple Watch SE (Rs. 47,000, $279)

Apple Watch is arguably one of the most famous and most purchased smartwatches in recent history. From time to time, Apple introduces minor refreshments and upgrades in the existing Apple Watch. This year Apple has unveiled plans to bring out a buget-priced Apple Watch called the Apple Watch SE.

However, even after the budget-priced version, it is set to cost more than Rs. 47,000 ($279) in Pakistan. It does not include the taxes and other costs that may incur while bringing it to Pakistan.

iPad and iPad Air (Rs. 55,000 & Rs. 100,000—$329 & $599 respectively)

iPad has become a staple for many students across the world. The lightweight table with extraordinary features has made it extremely convenient for students, artists, and business professionals to incorporate it in their daily routine.

Apple has released two new variants of the iPad this year. One of them is a standard model, while one of them is an Air variant. These models will feature liquid retina display with top the line CPU chips and upgraded GPU performance.

iPad Air has a distinction of having an edge to edge display just like the iPad Pro. All in all, the iPad range is going to be a big bunsen burner for your money this year.

Apple Watch Series 6 (Rs. 67,000, $399)

Perhaps the only major product after the iPad was Apple Watch Series 6. Apple announced at the Apple event that they will be rolling out new colours for the Apple Watch Series 6. Furthermore, the options include navy blue which is also rumoured to be the colour for new iPhone.

Another notable feature of newer watches will be to measure oxygen saturation levels and track heart metrics. In addition, the new chip is said to be 20% faster than the previous models.

The Series 6 Apple Watch will cost you upwards of Rs. 67,000, not including taxes or any other charges that may be incurred.


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