Bill Gates and Volkan Bozkir, both recognize Pakistan’s COVID-19 strategy, terms it a “good example”.

ISLAMABAD: In a recent visit by the United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) elected President Mr. Volkan Bozkir in a recent visit to Islamabad Pakistan terms Pakistan’s falling COVID-19 stats as a “good example”. The same has been said by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and Gates Foundation who in a recent interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN, he also recognized Pakistan’s COVID-19 efforts. 

This proves that Pakistan’s strategy of smart lockdown has not only worked but has drawn attention from different parts of the developing and developed world. Further appreciated and recognized by two big voices suggest that Pakistan is well on its path to eliminate COVID-19 from its soil. 

The government of Pakistan with its smart-lockdown policy within which it introduced SOPs and “smart” lock-down(s) only those areas with high COVID-19 infections. As a result, the virus is declining in Pakistan as we speak. Furthermore, the countless efforts of Pakistani doctors and paramedical staff also proved efficient and vital, as they were successful in bringing down 91% of patients from testing positive to negative. 

Mr. Volkan Bozkir further stated that Pakistan’s smart lockdown policy has been observed by my own eyes, and its something other countries should follow. Saying that Pakistan has a good example for the other countries to follow within their pandemic related policies. 

Bill Gates on Farid Zakaria show displayed Pakistan’s COVID-19 stats suggesting that they are well on their path of decline. He also compared the stats from Pakistan’s neighbor India where things do not seem to be going according to the plan. 

COVID-19 stats of Pakistan, shared by Bill Gates on CNN.

Ultimately, Pakistan is now opening the tourism, and hospitality sector to allow the local economy to grow. However, for fellow Pakistanis, this does not mean that everything is alright. It is important we all must follow the SOPs and still avoid crowded areas. This was also tweeted by a Minister earlier today. 

Nonetheless, Pakistan’s declining COVID-19 stats is very welcoming news for every citizen of Pakistan as for now we have been able to avoid a tragedy that could have made things much worse.


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