Chinese company lauds Pakistani scientist’s contributions

The Chinese company lauds Pakistani scientist’s contribution to aerospace technology. Muhammad Ibrahim is a 28 years old Pakistani aerospace technology scientist who has been working at Benewake. Benewake is a Chinese company currently based in Beijing. Benewake believes that Mr Ibrahim’s efforts have vastly improved and accelerated the expansion of the company in overseas markets. Furthermore, Benewake believes that he has allowed them to adapt their team to compete in global markets.

China has been a pioneer in expanding aerospace services across the globe. Ibrahim stated that it is not a hidden fact that China has been continuing its efforts for peace and prosperity by setting its goals right.

Furthermore, Ibrahim came to China solely for the purpose of conducting research along with top researchers in the country. He specialized in balancing systems used in quadcopters, one of the very few young scientists to do so.

Ibrahim’s ambitions differed from day 1. While many students join Chinese universities solely to enjoy Asian culture, Ibrahim wanted to continue his research. Moreover, he stated that China is slowly becoming an importer of global talent rather than exporter. Many international individuals join Chinese universities to pursue their research ambitions under the light of most credible and qualified professors.

Lastly, Ibrahim pointed out that he and his team are “like explorers opened up a new maritime navigation era in the 16th century, looking to seek treasure at first but discovering a new land by the end.”


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