Christians in Pakistan can now connect even more deeply with their faith as Church launches a News channel with an online presence

ISLAMABAD: Radio Veritas Asia (RVA) Urdu is first of its kind in Pakistan which is solely aimed for the country’s Christian community. The goal of the news channel, according to Archbishop Joseph Arshad is simply to spread the message of peace and harmony in the country. This is also a great step in the right direction because Christianity in Pakistan is growing. 

Inauguration by the Archbishop himself. Credits: SIGNIS.

There are about 4.0 million Christians in Pakistan, thus such a step will ensure they are connected with their faith and teachings no matter where in the country they reside. The channel RVA will be based in Lahore and will air programs with weekly news-bulletins, talk about ecology and other educational material(s), human rights issues, and most important of all will help to spread the message of peace and harmony. 

This is a huge step forward for the minorities in Pakistan. While there are plenty of reasons to remain critical with the approach of Prime Minister Khan’s promises at ensuring the safety of minorities in Pakistan, this step without any doubts is one in the right direction.


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