Astronaut Doug shares images of Karachi and Lahore as seen from space.

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION: Col Doug Hurley who is an engineer and a former US Marine Corp colonel has been serving as the head pilot of International Space Station. He was sent by NASA to engage in experiments and outbound activities aboard the ISS. Some days ago he went on and shared the images of Karachi and Lahore—the two megacities of Pakistan as seen from space at night. The two images were welcomed by Pakistani netizens as it gave them a unique perspective of how their cities look from up-above.

Sharing on Twitter, Col Doug Hurley tweeted the two images in the following tweet:

Seeing both the images, one can argue both of our cities do not look as congested and unorganized as they actually are in the ground. It does seem like both our two megacities are in calm, and surprisingly does not seem to face any electrical shortages issues.

The response to these images was delightfully positive as many people pointed out how they resembled the shape of a dragon or a wolf. Many users shared common perspectives on this notion.

Another user claimed to have captured Doug himself. He went on to tweet:

Needless to say, it is a humble thing to see Pakistan in a positive light. Do share your opinions about the images as well.


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