Comment Moderation Policy

Our Goal:

At Pakistan, Our Stories we encourage our readers and viewers to participate in a discussion that will help them understand the topic as well as help us improve our content. That being said in Pakistan, Our Stories we do not want our writers to be target of trolls, personal attacks, and to get accused of something they have not done.

We are committed at forming a thriving community of participants that can engage in constructive debates and criticism.

Process of publishing comments:

At Pakistan, Our Stories our goal is to publish a comment as soon as it’s submitted. However, due to our interests in safeguarding our commenting goals, we have a moderation process at our place through which we scrutinize the comments that should go the front end or not.

Disclaimer: Pakistan, Our Stories welcomes criticism.


The following comments are welcomed at Pakistan, Our Stories:

  • Comments that do not target any ethnicity or minority.
  • Comments that do not target Pakistan.
  • Comments that do not target individuals or individuals.
  • Comments that do not target our writers.
  • Comments that do not have any promotions.
  • Comments that are not published by trolls, or are aimed to troll.

If your comment did not get published, there is a high probability that it may contain the following. Even then you can reach us with any formal complaint(s) at or our contact us page.