Construction on 3rd Independent Hydropower Project is completed, 102 Mega Watt electricity to be transferred to National Grid.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s third independent Hydropower project is known as Gulpur Hydropower Project has been completed and its ownership has been given to Water And Power Development Authority (WAPDA). The project’s capacity is 102 Mega Watts (MW), and the generated electricity has been added to the national grid. The project was awarded to a South Korean company known as Mira Power Limited, a subsidiary of KOSEP. 

American MWH. Inc. and NESPAK Pakistan provided consultancy for the project, as the construction began in January of 2014. Gulpur is located in the Kotli district of Azad Jammu Kashmir, and the project is located on Poonch River. 

Via Google Earth: 3D view of Gulpur HydroPower Project.

Pakistan faces a serious electricity crisis. With the Government of Pakistan announcing no immediate end to Karachi’s electricity crisis by the year 2022, the city which is the economic heart of Pakistan, these small projects do hold weight for the bigger Industrial goals of the current government. Furthermore, Hydro Power Projects are also considered to be environment friendly, making them less harmful from other power generation sources especially Coal. 

To overcome the electricity crisis in one of the world’s 6th most populous country, Pakistan has a lot to do and has to use every present electricity generation resource present at its disposal. However, the timely completion of the Gulpur Hydropower project is welcome news.


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