Cooperation between Iran & Pakistan will boost regional stability, says Pakistan’s Defense Attaché.

TEHRAN: On the eve of 55th Defense Day, a day Pakistan celebrates with military vigor when in 1965, India crossed the international border(s) and aimed to take two major cities of Pakistan. To their surprise, Pakistani defense forces repulsed them despite being much smaller in numbers. During the war, Iran sided with Pakistan and provided much needed military and diplomatic support.

Speaking at the Press Conference, Pakistan’s Defense Attache Major General. Chaudhry stressed that the increased co-operation which is needed between the two neighbors. The general added, over the course of the past few years, Pakistan and Iran have improved defense ties and military co-operation. It can also be seen as both senior military command visits one another, occasionally.

Pakistan Army Chief General Bajwa visited Tehran in 2017, and General Bagheri also visited Islamabad, and Rawalpindi in 2018. Pakistan also supports Iran at JCPOA, and Iran on the other hand supports the Kashmir cause against the Indian Military’s illegal occupation and seeks Kashmir’s right to self-determination. Increased co-operation will ensure both Pakistan and Iran enjoy a stable border and trade.

According to the Iranian Press Statement, several key leaders from the Iranian Military attended the event which included Iran’s deputy chief of staff.

The Press Statement allows observers to understand that in the coming days, with Iran’s new partnership with China and importantly US’s exit from Afghanistan, both the events will see the major regional shift which some observe will be in China’s favor.



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