Court in Pakistan sentences 4 close allies of Hafiz Saeed for their alleged involvement in Terror Financing.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Anti Terrorism Court has sentenced 4 close supporters and friends of Hafiz Saeed, a leader of Banned group in terror financing case. India has accused all Hafiz Saeed and his group for supporting Mumbai Attacks in the year 2008.

Pakistan has been cracking down on groups who are alleged to have been supporting terror activities in other parts of the world. The court has sentenced all 4 for a jail-time of 5 years, with a 50,000/PKR fine.

The names of individuals who have been found guilty of promoting such activities are as follows:

  • Hafiz Abdul Rahman
  • Malik Zaffar Iqbal
  • Yahya Aziz
  • Abdul Salam

Pakistan’s Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) believes that their arrest will help Pakistan on checking up against Terror Financing which FATF report found Pakistan to be guilty of.


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