COVID-19 in Pakistan: So far 286,000 patients recover.

ISLAMABAD: What many are calling a miracle, and the success of the Pakistan Government’s policy-making regarding COVID-19, the consecutive declining of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan speaks to itself.

According to the press statement by Pakistani officials: so far 286,000 Patients have recovered from COVID-19 which is a massive success in-light of the country’s poor health and medical infrastructure.

Pakistan’s COVID-19 success has even caught the attention of the world’s leading Philanthropist Bill Gates. Whereas, in Pakistan’s neighborhood both Iran and India are having a tough time beating the virus, which experts believe might get worse since approaching winters may increase the number of cases.

However, up-till now Pakistan’s death tally to COVID-19 has been 6,345.

While it is indeed important to celebrate success however a message to our readers is that we should still be observing all COVID-19 related SOP’s: observe social distancing, washing hands regularly, and get tested if symptoms appear.


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