While COVID-19 has become a burning problem for many countries in the world, Pakistan has surprisingly been able to counter the pandemic to a great extend. Furthermore, Pakistan is headed towards the complete reopening of institutions across the country. Many universities are already operating and delivering classes with strict SOPs.

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Dr. Tedros. Source: cfr.org

Today, in an opinion-ed piece for The Independent, a British publication, WHO’s chief Tedros Adhanom praised Pakistan on being able to counter the pandemic while also keeping their economy afloat. He added that Pakistan managed to fight the pandemic while allowing its economy to continue functioning.

Polio Workers: The true heroes behind COVID suppression.

Tedros was quick to point out that the success behind such active countering of the pandemic is partly derived from the polio infrastructure that it has already built throughout the years. In addition, trained community workers who have previously served in polio teams, have been “redeployed and utilized for surveillance” as well as contact tracing and care. This workforce has suppressed the virus in its initial phases, allowing the economy to finally get back to normal and stabilize.

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COVID-19 in Pakistan: The smart lockdown approach.

It also needs to be noted that Pakistan followed an unconventional approach in its efforts against COVID-19 in Pakistan. The governmental authorities introduced the concept of a smart lockdown which was staunchly criticized by government supporters and opposition alike. However, it turns out that the lockdown was able to fetch positive results.

Undoubtedly, as Tedros states, Pakistan did not have a choice between saving the economy or saving its people. In fact, these both go hand-in-hand.

Tedros went on to give the example of many other nations such as Uruguay. Uruguay is a Latin American country that has notably reported the lowest cases of COVID-19 in the world. However, it is no coincidence either. The Latin American nation has one of the best healthcare systems in the region. Furthermore, they invest in their healthcare extensively.

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What is the current situation of COVID-19 in Pakistan?

One thing that is common between Uruguay and Pakistan is the widespread political consensus over the situation. Unlike America, which is struggling to counter the anti-mask narrative led by Donald J. Trump himself, Pakistan’s majority lawmakers realized the fact that the pandemic is something that has to be tackled effectively.

We have been successful in suppressing COVID-19 in Pakistan so far, however, there is still some chance of a second wave, especially after the reopening of schools. It still needs to be seen how the situation turns out for Pakistan in the near future.

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