Major Cyberattack on Pakistan foiled by authorities!

A major Cyberattack on Pakistan has been foiled by the authorities. According to a press statement by the media wing of the Ministry of Defense, most commonly known as Inter-Services Public Relations [ISPR]: a major cyberattack has been foiled by the country’s cyber division. The press statement suggests that Indian hands were behind the attack, and a serious inquiry has been launched to further investigate the depth of the attack, and the damages are long term.

So far, ISPR stats that the attack was aimed at the country’s top brass which includes all the senior diplomats, military officials, and high ranking politicians. What is further interesting about the attack is: it includes a series of offenses that were aimed to gain control of personal mobile phones and technical gadgets.

A hacker trying to exploit a system.

Luckily, the attack could not do much harm and was countered on time. However, the timing of the attack is rather interested considering the China & India tensions, and the recent US report which stated that Pakistan had provided deep intelligence to the People’s Republic Army [PLA] of Indian army’s border positions and movements, before the Galwan Valley incident.

These cyber-attacks are nothing new between the two countries. Countless times on occasions of national importance, both sides have attacked each other’s Government websites on which both sides displayed content of their national vigor onto the others.

Lesson for Pakistan is that it should not take the country’s cyber command and defense lightly. Being a nuclear power, there is much at risk and should ensure that the country’s assets and communication system is interconnected with one another.

In an era where even social media sites like Facebook and Twitter encourage measures such as Two-Factor Authentication and encrypted communications, Pakistan should not ignore the possibility of a major digital catastrophe. A major cyberattack on Pakistan is no small moment to realize the importance of such measures.



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