Day after a deadly accident that claimed the lives of 22 Sikh yatrees, local Muslims in Pakistan gather at a Sikh temple to express condolences and share support.

PESHAWAR: Local Muslims gather at a Sikh temple in order to express their grief and express their solidarity with the Sikh community members who lost 22 of their loved ones when a bus carrying them was well on its way to a religious site in Punjab, Pakistan. A preliminary report suggests the deadly accident occurred when a railway sergeant failed to shut the railway crossing gate, and the driver was over-speeding. 

A wide number of Muslims from Peshawar a day after the incident gathered and expressed their deep sorrow over the loss of life. Their condolences and act of humanity were appreciated. Mr. Mohsin Dawar, member national assembly of Pakistan also met with the Sikh elders and expressed deepest condolences, which he also shared in a Tweet.

The result of the accident was deadly. 22 Lost their lives instantly, while 19 got injured who are currently in the hospital seeking medical assistance. Local authorities gushed for help and did the best they could to retain and save as many as possible. The locals also did their best, and with whatever support they could gather they did their best and offered comfort to those who could make it.

This may seem like a small step but it goes a long way especially in Pakistan. What do you think about this step, let us know in the comments below.


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