Days after expulsion of 2 Pakistani officials, India believes now ISI follows its’ diplomats in Pakistan.

Pakistan and India’s flag at New Delhi. Image courtesy: Gulf Today.

A video of a motorcyclist roaming on the streets of Islamabad is making rounds on Social Media as it was alleged the individual driving it is a Pakistani spy agent, and is on a tail of Indian charge d’affaires Gaurav Ahluwalia.

For many, this only appears to be a random individual riding his way back to home as the alleged video does not disclose if the motorcyclist indulges actually in harassment or not, as he’s simply on his way and clearly minding his own business.

However, according to Times of India over the incident, India has lodged a protest as it believes the incident violates 1992 code of conduct CoC for diplomats.

Such incidents are nothing new as both the Nuclear arch rivals have had such interactions even before where things got even more messier.


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