Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Karachi Port Trust remains operating round the clock, to ensure the economic wheel of country keeps on running.

KARACHI – The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) is operating round the clock to ensure the supply of essential goods and services do not stop. Covid 19 has increased the number of difficulties yet the KPT has stayed operational for over a period of 2 month.

Pakistan’s Minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Haider Zaidi has ensured that Karachi Port Trust remains operational despite the lockdown and COVID-19 Pandemic. His efforts has remained so far fruitful as Pakistan has not suffered much lack of essential goods and services.

At a time when Oil is being not delivered to customers in different parts of the country due to the issue in Supply-Chain network of OPEC countries, the KPT has ensured there is no delay of its handling of oil tankers.

No one knows for sure when the COVID-19 Pandemic will end but the people who working during such conditions and ensuring the nation does not run off of essentials needs to be highlighted and appreciated.


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