“Dexamethasone” the drug found to be effective against COVID-19 costs around 150-250/PKR.

LONDON – Dexamethasone, a cheap steroid has been found to be effective against the COVID 19, after scientists based in UK conducted tests. What appears to be a breakthrough in the fight against COVID 19, scientists believe that if UK had adopted it since the start of COVID 19 pandemic, about 5000 lives would have been saved.

News broke out all across the internet for what as many are calling a ray of hope in the middle of the tunnel. In Pakistan, the drug costs around 150-250 PKR, and comes under the following names:

Image courtesy: Drug Information System.

In Pakistan, as of now 56,390 people have recovered and 2,839 people have died because of COVID 19. Success of Dexamethasone can prove miraculous for many.


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