Ever heard of livestock still being used as a currency in the twenty-first century? This Pakistani startup has an innovative model to help local farmers.

Pakistani startup known as UpTrade is enabling local farmers who live in far-flung areas of rural Pakistan, and have no means to buy for themselves and their families. They are present in regions where electricity and water filtration is a major issue, as the region is water-stressed. To overcome their struggles and help them meet their basic needs, UpTrade run by Pakistani female entrepreneur Fariel Salahuddin has found an innovative solution. 

The model in which UpTrade works is that it enables the local farmers to use their livestock mostly Goats, as a currency, through which they can buy Solar water pumps and basic household needs. The way it works is that UpTrade provides all technical support for the installation of these solar water pumps, along with maintenance support. 

Considering these rural regions have little to no economic opportunities, support from local authorities, and lack of cash to support themselves and their families. The model of UpTrade is enabling these local farmers to overcome all these hardships and gain access to basic necessities. So far, 32,200 families have received solar and water systems. 

The work that UpTrade is doing is a welcoming step which is helping the forgotten communities of Pakistan. Startups like these is providing hope where there is none.    


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