ex-Pakistan Air Force’s top-gun loses his battle for life at Dhaka.

DHAKA – Earlier today on 14th June, 2020 news of Group Captain Saiful Azam’s death surfaces all across the internet. He served in Pakistan Air Force and later joined Bangladesh Air Force in 1972.

Group Captain Saiful Azam is one of the ace pilots of Pakistan Air Force, when during the 1965 Indo-Pak war he shot down Indian Jet and earned Sitar-e-Jurat – one of the highest gallantry medals of Pakistan.

He also served with Jordanian Air Force during the 1967 Arab-Israel war, and has a record of downing 3 Israeli Jets. For this, Jordan also concerned him an honorary medal. Fast forward to 2001, the United States Air Force also honored him with an acclaimed title “Living Eagle”. Making him one of the twenty two “Living Eagles”.

Source: archive 150.

His services and accomplishments will always be remembered by Pakistan Air Force, despite him being moving to Bangladesh after the Eastern wing of Pakistan separated with the Western wing.


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