Fastest Fifty in ODI: Five Players Who Have Broken Shahid Afridi’s Record!

As of now, there are five players who have broken Shahid Afridi’s record for the fastest fifty in ODI. However, Afridi is still an exception because he matched that record multiple times. According to the statistics, it took Shahid Afridi 18 balls to score a fifty in these records. 

The first time he claimed this record was during Pakistan’s encounter with Sri-Lanka at the venue of Nairobi in 1996. Afridi proceeded to set the bar high and crossed 50 runs within a matter of 18 balls in total.

The second time Afridi did this was during Pakistan’s encounter with the Netherlands at Colombo. This match took place in 2002 and according to the scorecard, Afridi matched up to his previous record of 50+ runs in 18 balls.

Third time’s a charm, isn’t it? Well, Afridi once again became a claimant to this record by playing against Bangladesh at the venue of Dhaka. The match was conducted in 2014 in which Afridi once again went on to make more than 50 runs in 18 balls.

However, Afridi has been outperformed by various cricketers on this record. There are currently five players who have successfully matched or broken Afridi’s infamous record.

1. Simon O’Donnell (18 balls)

The power hitter from Australia took no step backwards when playing against Sri-Lanka at Sharjah. In 1990, even before Afridi, Simon secured more than 50 runs in just 18 balls. Afridi himself had matched this same record.

2. Sanath Jayasuriya (17 balls)

Soon after Afridi became a claimant to fastest fifty. Sanath Jayasuriya, a Sri-Lankan batsman, broke the barrier of 18 balls and went on to secure a 50 in just around 17 balls. With a definitive 1 ball margin, Sanath reigned as the fastest fifty makers in the ODI for more than a decade. Coincidentally, the fifty was made against Pakistan at the venue of Singapore. In 1996, Sanath batted against Pakistan and made his way onto the list.

Sanath Jayasuriya
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3. Kusal Perera (17 balls)

Second Sri-Lankan on this list and third batsman overall, Kusal Perera also scored his fastest fifty in just 17 balls. This fifty was also scored against Pakistan but almost two decades later at the venue of Kandy in 2015.

4. Martin Guptil (17 balls)

Another Australian making his name on the list is Martin Guptill. Guptill played against Sri-Lanka at the venue of Christchurch in 2015-2016. Guptill went on to strike hard against Sri-Lankans and match against their own record of fastest fifty. He made more than 50 runs in just 17 balls.

Martin Guptill
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5. The Reigning Champ AB de Villiers (16 balls)

AB de Villiers, a South African batsman, made history at the venue of Johannesburg by scoring 50 runs in just 16 balls. He annihilated West Indies team in 2014-2015 by smashing back to back boundaries and breaking the barrier of 17 balls. De Villiers still remains the reigning champ of this record for the past 5 years. Some attribute the sheer skill of AB while some say it was an advantage of playing on home ground. Regardless of the opinions, AB de Villiers has written his name in the books of cricket history.

AB de Villiers
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