Foreign Office of Pakistan raises the issue of migrant workers with Qatari authorities.

ISLAMABAD – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has raised the issue of migrant workers who went to Qatar to support the construction of Qatar’s FIFA world-cup stadiums.

The spokesperson of MOFA has assured that Labor Ministry of Qatar is keen to work with Pakistan on the issue and have assured “Every possible” support in the matter.

The Pakistani migrant workers have faced several issues while working in Qatar. These issues include the following:

  • Not paying on time: Pays were not given to the employees either on time or the amount that was promised to them on their contract.
  • Long hours: Workers were made to work long hours under scorching heat. These long hours were not part of their contract.
  • Documentary Trap: Many workers were exploited, as the moment they stepped into Qatar, their documentations were stolen by their employer, thus becoming impossible for them to travel whenever they wanted to.

So far the response of Pakistan Embassy of Qatar has been very re-assuring. The officials are actively looking after the migrant workers, ensuring them all “possible” support. During the Ramzan, the embassy also provided workers with food supplies.

This is not the first time when a GCC country has been accused of exploiting its migrant worker force. Pakistan’s stance on raising the issue with concerned authorities is a welcoming step.


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