French citizens seems to love “Made in Pakistan” face-masks.

Paris – French authorities as well as media lauds the timely delivery of “Made in Pakistan” masks. COVID 19 spread like a wild-fire in French cities, helping them complete orders to buy face masks were done by Pakistani firms.

While “Made in Pakistan” has never gotten much attention during the former years, especially owing to the poor quality of products. However, the story is different when during the COVID-19, France which saw a sharp rise in its local cases, urgently needs face masks to protect its citizens.

The sharp rise in COVID 19 directly resulted in the increase in demand for face-masks. Reze and Montlucon, two French companies specializing the clothing industry were given the task for manufacturing of masks on emergency accounts. With strict deadline, both countries approached Pakistani industry and thus the journey of “Made in Pakistan” started.

Image Courtesy: ARY NEWS.

So far, according to an estimate around 0.28 million masks have been manufactured and delivered to France. These masks are washable and re-usable up-to 50 times. The locals seems to love it!


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