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Gilgit Baltistan Leader claims RAW paid him £25,000 per month to create unrest in the region. Says, he spent it on education instead.

Gilgit Baltistan leader came out to abandon his anti-state activities in the region. Abdul Hameed Khan, the head of the banned organization Balwaristan National Front (BNF) stated today that Indian spy agency RAW has been constantly involved in funding and creating unrest in the region.

Furthermore, the leader brought light to the fact that “during [his] exile, 25,000 Euros [were] paid to [him] monthly by RAW to create unrest and instability in the region”. This is an eye-opening revelation considering the fact that Pakistan has been constantly lobbying against RAW funding in international forums.

Hameed also revealed that he used this money to educate children rather than spending it on turbulent activities. The authenticity of this spending is questionable, however, Hameed has not backed down from the claim yet.

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Just three days ago, Abdul Hameed Khan ended his 23-year-old exile and moved to Pakistan. He quickly went on to apologize to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan as well.

Research and Analysis Wing Headquarters. Source: ThePrint

He claimed that he was misled and fell into enemy’s trap. However, as soon as he realized the true intentions of India, he returned back to Pakistan.

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Moreover, he intimated the youth that they should be loyal to the people of Pakistan. Additionally, he said “India cannot be sincere with the people of GB. Pakistan is our country as it protects our rights, so I appeal to the youth to be loyal [to] the country.”

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, was actively involved in aiding the return of Gilgit Baltistan leader along with support from Army Chief. Abdul Hameed highlighted their efforts soon after returning to Pakistan. Furthermore, he thanked them for helping him.

It still needs to be seen if Abdul Hameed Khan will be prosecuted in the court of law or not.

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