Google and UNICEF invest in a Pakistani startup


Google and UNICEF have chosen a Pakistani startup named WonderTree to invest in their AI-based solutions. It is no wonder that Pakistan has gone from a meagre business activity country to now hosting various thriving startups. Notably, Lahore has become a startup hub in recent years. Consequently, with startups paving their way to national and international recognition.

WonderTree CTO
WonderTree CTO Muhammad Usman

One of those many startups is WonderTree. WonderTree heavily relies on Artificial Intelligence to develop frameworks and solutions that aid in real-life problems. WonderTree has been chosen under the UNICEF Innovative Fund 2020. Consequently, It has been selected for developing AR (Augmented Reality) applications such as interactive games and simulations. These games can aid students with cognitive and motor disabilities.

This idea was the brainchild of WonderTree’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Usman has notably led various other creative initiatives at the company. Furthermore, he says that his very brother was diagnosed with Down Syndrome which led to the inception of the startup. The startup began with humble beginnings and 3 to 4 employees. Gradually, it led to the development of affordable aids for individuals with a disability and of moderate magnitude.

Moreover, Usman stated that WonderTree is aiming to enhance its technological infrastructure through the provision of UNICEF’s investment. Furthermore, Usman states, that WonderTree will expand their outreach to populations with limited access to learning and resources.

In addition, one of the many other goals of WonderTree right now is to reduce the computing requirements. These AR utilities to run on the end-user system. As it is already known, a lot of computing power is required for AR systems. These systems can range from anything between $1000 to $1500 which can be a costly investment for many institutions. This is the reason why WonderTree aims to disrupt the end-user computing requirements. Needless to say, WonderTree’s initiative has the capability to go global in the upcoming years with positive impacts.

Additionaly, Google has also selected WonderTree in its accelerator program. This will allow them to have access to various teams working at Google to aid them in their development.

The team of Pakistan, Our Stories wishes WonderTree the best for their future endeavours. It is not a usual event to witness organizations such as Google and UNICEF invest in Pakistan. WonderTree has achieved a remarkable feat that sets them quite apart.

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