Govt. Approaches Cambridge on ‘Unfair Grading’

Govt. has decided to approach Cambridge over ‘unfair grading’ of O/A Level students across the country. It was highlighted earlier that due to the pandemic of COVID-19, students will be given expected grades based on mockups and earlier assessments. Another key component would be in-class assessments by schools that were conducted earlier.

Govt. decides to approach exam controller Cambridge

Many students had expressed their scepticism well before the publication of the predicted grade. However, as most students have realized, the grades were entirely off. In a protest, there has been an active movement on social media. This movement has been calling the government to approach Cambridge and get grades corrected.

Imran Khan’s government wouldn’t be the first one to act against these unfair grades. Earlier, Scotland has also called for reviews.

Consequently, today, Shafqat Mehmood, the Federal Minister for Education announced that the Pakistan government will be approaching Cambridge to appeal unfair grades given to the O/A Levels students. He added that Pakistani students have been subjected to an injustice that can severely hurt their future. Furthermore, he appeared on the talk show by Hamid Mir “Capital Talk”. In this show, he also added that Pakistan will be approaching the British High Commission as well to ensure the message reaches to appropriate authorities.

While talking about SNC (Single National Curriculum), Shafqat firmly held his stance by saying that the curriculum will be implemented from Grade 1 to 5. As Pervez Hoodbhoy pointed out, this would be a move to push Pakistan into the stone age in terms of STEM education.

Regardless, Mr Mehmood continuously propagates his advocacy for the curriculum. Moreover, Shafqat Mehmood added that once the curriculum is available, students will prefer it over conventional O/A Level curriculum.

On the matter of reopening the schools, Mr Mehmood stated that institutions are going to be closed until 15th September.


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