In order to help with Mango exports, the Pakistan International Airlines call for 50% reduction in its cargo fairs.

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced that during the mango exports, the Airline will provide 50% reduction in its travel fairs.

Move comes after locals call for such actions to ensure their exports thrive – with COVID 19 Pandemic and reduction in Mango growth due to climate change, such actions are mandatory.

Pakistani mangoes arrive in UAE after weeks' delay
Local vendor decorating his Mango stall. Image courtesy: MSN News.

In the year 2019, Pakistan exported 130,000 metric tons of mangoes in Middle east, Europe, the United States of America, Central Asian States, and Australia.

Pakistan exports Mangoes to different parts of Europe with Manchester, Frankfurt, and London being the largest importers of Pakistani mangoes.


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