JF-17B Thunder Block 3 by Pakistan Air Force: Video

According to a press statement by the Pakistan Air Force’s media wing, Chief of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) visited what is known as the JF-17B “dual seater” of Pakistan’s fighter jet built with the help of Chinese. Since the inception of the JF-17’s program, and its first flight back in the year 2003, the dependency of the Pakistan Air Force against JF-17 is ever so growing.

Pakistan Air Force is well known for the fleet of F-16’s it has, however as the war on terror in Afghanistan bought the worse between the two allies, Pakistan and America, the think-tanks of Pakistan realized there is a much need for the country to develop its own fighter jet.

Video of JF-17B dual seater being flown by Chief of the Air Force.

Who does Pakistan goes to when its neither a close friend of Russia, its falling relations with the US? It’s China. Even in the name of the JF-17 thunder, the JF stands for Joint Fighter, a request that was made by Chinese themselves to the Pakistanis to include their name in the program while Peoples Republic Air Force does not fly the JF-17.

As the F-16 in Pakistan Air Force is declining and ageing, it is time for the country to rely more on the JF-17 program than ever. Thus, so far Pakistan Air Force as Block 1 and Block 2 of JF-17 in its squadrons, active to counter any threats imposed by the Indian Air Force. Block 3 of JF-17 is believed to be on its way.

JF-17B is also inducted within the Pakistan Air Force. As the video released by the Press Department of PAF, it is obvious the JF-17 program will become more active from the days to come, and the PAF’s dependency on the program will only grow so much. This also means Pakistan looks at China as its growing strategic partner.


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