Khalil Ur Rehman milks Motorway Rape Incident – just as he was expected.

Khalil ur Rehman is no stranger to using abusive and vile language on national television. The controversial writer has been in the limelight for his works such as Pyaare Afzal, Sadqay Tumhaare, and perhaps one of his most well-known endeavour Mere Paas Tum Ho. Since the subjective success of Mere Paas Tum Ho, Khalil ur Rehman has gotten staunch criticism regarding portrayal of women in society as well as on-screen.

Cashing on his already controversial image, he frequently appears on media outlets where he makes unappalling and outright disrespectful comments against different personalities including Adnan Malik and Marvi Sirmed calling them the likes of ‘hijra’ and ‘elephant’.

His comments on ‘Aurat March’ sparked fury across the board and made headlines. Furthermore, his misogynistic views earn him a soft corner across many individuals in Pakistan.

During his most recent interview on media, he claimed that if the fathers and brothers of these protestors had enough diginity and self-respect, they would not have let them take the protests to the streets. Moroever, he used multiple abusive slurs to define these protestors and call them out.

While the expectations from Khalil were low in the first place, he never fails to stoop lower with every comment he makes on TV. Furthermore, the sheer downgraded mentality of Khalil resonates with various media outlets across Pakistan who are willing to allow him in to lure in some publicity.

However, this wasn’t the end of his explosive statements. Khalil Ur Rehman pushed his stance further by claiming that these protestors are out on streets so that they can have extra-marital affairs while many of them are divorced and were experiencing a mid-life crisis.

Undoubtedly, Khalil proves it every time that he is out of touch with the reality. His statements against the women rights and associated activism further solidifies his position as a daft imbecile who constantly looks for validation to please his fragile ego. Khalil’s insecurity has prolapsed to the extent at which he would engage in anything to get reassurance on his views.

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