Pakistani Startup has made a breakthrough in countering water spillage. Pakistan is a water-stressed nation, added to that, Pakistan’s population is growing at a rapid speed then many had anticipated. Considering this, Pakistan’s water woes are deemed to get worse unless serious actions are taken. On the government level, to overcome Pakistan’s water scarcity the government is building dams, whereas on the personal level not much is being done.

It needs to be noted that on an individual level, our water conservation efforts are not prime. Most of the population shows little to no concern when it comes to water spillage and waste.

Until you learn about this start-up known as Abshar. Abshar means a waterfall in Urdu. It is a Pakistani startup mission is plain and simple: conserve water as much as possible. Many Pakistanis are unaware of Pakistan’s looming water crisis until such start-ups have started to appear.

What Abshar is doing is, it’s producing water taps that save up to 85% to 98% of water. Interesting right?

This is a much-needed start-up and unfortunately many are unaware of it. One of the most inspiring parts of Abshar includes there are aesthetically well-thought-out designs which upon being seen by anyone would simply fall in love with them.

Furthermore, Abshar provides a professional user experience on their website to their customers. The price range is economical, the products are durable, and can be ordered online.

Such a Pakistani startup can truly add to the quality of lives of Pakistani people. With all in mind, such start-ups should be welcomed as they have a huge potential to solve Pakistan’s water crisis. It should be encouraged by house-owners and architects to opt for such products that will save water for future generations. There are many concerns which include India might stop Pakistan’s water supply since the major rivers which Pakistan relies upon initiate from India.


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