Pakistani songs that will give you a hit of nostalgia

Pakistani songs are renowned to take us on a rollercoaster of emotions whenever we hear them. Since we are all quarantined in our houses with not much to entertain ourselves with, I went on to compile 5 Pakistani songs that will remind you of the good ol’ days as some may say. Over the years, we all have seen some good Pakistani songs from time to time. Nonetheless, here are the five Pakistani songs you need to listen as soon as possible.

“Hona Tha Pyaar” by Atif Aslam and Hadiqa Kiani

“Hona Tha Pyaar” belongs to the critically aclaimed film by Shoaib Mansoor, “Bol”. Not only the film challenged many cultural norms at that time, but also contributed to reviving Pakistan’s film industry. The music video featuring Atif Aslam and Mahira Khan sets the perfect tone for reliving one of the most unique times in Pakistani history.

“Apney Ulloo” by Shahzad Roy

In a series of political activism efforts through his music, Shahzad stunned the Pakistani crowd with yet another hit. “Apney Ulloo” iterates through the turbulent history of Pakistan while picking on the current problems of Pakistan. It is remarkable to think about how some of the problems still exist in the bureaucratic hierarchy. Needless to say, with a powerful electric guitar baseline, hyped beat, and vibrant voice of Shahzad Roy himself, this song shows the true potential of musical talent in Pakistan. Furthermore, the song uses a “rap” by a “common Pakistani” which adds a unique element to the overall vibe of the song.

“Laga Reh” by Shahzad Roy

Just when you thought Shahzad wouldn’t show up in this list, here is he consecutively with another nostalgic wonder. “Laga Reh” orates and follows a similar theme as “Apney Ulloo”, however, the song revolves around the idea of how Pakistan is consistently facing troubles. In these inconveniences, the “aam aadmi”, or the common man continues to stay indifferent regarding the situation hence the name “Laga Reh”.

“Hamsafar OST” by Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch

We all grew up aware of the fame “Hamsafar” garnered. Not only it became one of the most popular dramas at that time, its soundtrack became a go to for many Pakistani and Indian listeners alike. Furthermore, the rich voice of Qurat-ul-Ain gives a reviving energy that pairs well with the actual story of the drama. Regardless, even as a stand-alone, it works wonders.

“Chal Dil Merey” by Ali Zafar

This 2003 song was composed and sung by Ali Zafar who was the biggest sensation of this era. It was released along with his album “Huqqa Pani” which then went to become a hit along with “Channo”. This soothing yet vibrant pop song is pleasantly enjoyable and surely exhibits a positive aura you need to shake it up.

Do you think there are other songs that should be added to this list? Comment down below and let us know.



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