Out of the blue, this Pakistani cleric has created a prize scheme to make kids pray regularly!

Islamic principles and their inheritance by the younger generation has always been a contentious topic in Pakistan. Furthermore, older generations have a strong belief that younger generations especially teenagers are deviating from the obligated prayers.

However, recently the management of Masjid Qutub devised a plan to make kids more adherent to prayers. Mukhtar Ahmed, the cleric behind this comical scheme shared a flyer across the attendees. Furthermore, he instated a full-fledged printout within the premises of his mosque to promote this scheme.

Now as hilarious as it may sound, Mr Ahmed proposed the idea that every kid can be made a regular attendee by giving out prizes through lucky draws and on an attendance basis.

Firstly, the poster states that the scheme is open for all 8 to 14 year olds in the town. Along with the intimation that it’s a golden chance for them to win a motorbike or a cycle.

So, what are the conditions? Mr Ahmed writes that one must attend Fajr prayer along with the gathering to qualify for prizes. Only then, the kid will be rewarded with “multiple prizes”.

Whether it will be effective or not, it still needs to be seen. But for the time being, a pinch of humor didn’t hurt anybody.


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