Pakistan sees rise in COVID-19 recoveries

It may not be as good as it sounds

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After multiple months of misery, Pakistan sees rise in COVID-19 recoveries. Pakistan has struggled to curb the effects of the pandemic in various ways. Furthermore, various data metrics denote that more than 81% of patients have recovered from infectious disease.

Not more than four months ago, Pakistan found itself captured in this situation. Starting from Sindh, the virus quickly spread through major cities of Pakistan. Moreover, the governing authorities were criticized for their pro-economic measures aiming to prioritize economic stability over complete lockdown.

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These measures were said to have increased the impact of COVID-19 rather than reducing it. However, the latest statistics released by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) stated that a remarkable majority of cases have completely recovered.

In addition, Murtaza Wahab, who is an adviser to Sindh’s chief minister, brought attention to the fact that in Sindh, the recoveries have risen to 86%. Murtaza revealed this on his personal Twitter account in a tweet.

Murtaza also shared some insights regarding the active cases in Sindh. It can be seen that Sindh is close to attaining complete control over the pandemic.

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Miracle or Misrepresentation?

With these remarkable statistics, there is a widespread claim that there is a fallacy. Individuals have come out saying that these statistics may be hindered by the fact that there have been less overall testing for COVID-19. Furthermore, independent statistics tell the same story.

COVID-19 Testing Stats in Pakistan
Source: Our World in Data “Pakistan Daily Tests vs. Daily New Confirmed Cases”

This testing fallacy has also been under the radar for the opposition, which has been criticizing the government from time to time.

Recently, Bilawal Bhutto tweeted his press conference that highlights the same points:

It still needs to be seen if this hint of positive news is barely an illusion or a concrete evidence of Pakistan’s victory against the pandemic. What do you think about this? Share your views in the comments below.


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