Pakistan Earns World Record for Largest “Balloon” Flag.

Pakistan earns World Record for Largest “Balloon” Flag.

Pakistan has earned World Record for Largest “Balloon” Flag ever made. The flag is said to be made of more than 60,000 green and white balloons. Furthermore, Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC), led the creation of this remarkable masterpiece. The flag is 60ft wide with more than 40ft height. Consequently, the total area of this flag encompasses a whopping 2400 sq. ft.

The sheer size and intricacy of this flag are uncanny. When seen in the picture, the flag covers up the entire section of the national assembly. The flag boasts magnificent size, bright colours, and heartwarming presence for all the parliamentarians.

Pakistan earns World Record
Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) had made largest national flag using more than 60,000 green and white balloons last year. PHOTO: FILE Source: Express Tribune

The flag was created and installed in the national assembly last year. Ramesh Kumar, who is a parliamentarian since August 2018 under the Imran Khan government, led the efforts to create this flag. Ramesh Kumar presented the certificate by the Guinness Book of World Records to the speaker of the assembly. The speaker of the assembly, Asad Qaiser, lauded the efforts by Mr Ramesh. Moreover, he highlighted that the minorities of Pakistan play a positive role in its development. Furthermore, Qasier expressed hope that minorities will work to enlighten the name of our country.

Mr Qaiser explicitly stated “This is an expression of their affection and bonding with the country. The entire Pakistani nation pays regards to their sentiments and love” while expressing his gratitude for minorities in Pakistan.

Adding to this, Mr Qaiser wished that minorities continue to play a positive role in the development of the country. Considering the fact, the plight of minorities in Pakistan is quite prominent across the country. Even then, a gesture of unity and harmony matters more than at any time of history.

Mr Ramesh expressed his gratitude to the Guinness World Records authorities for considering his efforts and highlighting them through appropriate recognition. It is for motivated people like Mr Ramesh that Pakistan earns World Records every now and then.


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