Pakistan Independence day: Commissioners in different parts conducting raids on “trumpets” & “fire-crackers” to ensure celebrations to be held in a decent manner.

As the 14th of August, as the independence day of Pakistan is approaching citizens are rushing towards different parts of their cities to buy products through which they can celebrate the independence day with zeal and enthusiasm. Unfortunately for some, this means buying products that may harm the peace of other citizens. The products include trumpets and snow-sprays.

It is common for Pakistanis to celebrate the 14th of August as it helps them to recall the times when their forefathers stood up for a separate homeland that is now Pakistan, for the Muslims of the sub-continent. 14th August 1947 is when the British crown left the subcontinent and Pakistan was born. Millions from different parts of the sub-continent came to Pakistan to live in their newly formed homeland.

Pakistan Independence is the remembrance of the countless sacrifices millions made, and the youth of Pakistan ensure they dedicate this day and for this millions decorate their homes with flags, lights, and wear green & white dresses, resembling that to the Pakistani flag. However, for some the meaning of celebration is not the same.

They buy trumpets, fireworks, snow-sprays and use them out in the public streets. This causes trouble among those who want to celebrate the occasion in a decent manner. However, this year the Government of Pakistan seems to be more active and is taking steps to reduce such items to be sold in the first place. As tweeted by the Assistant Commissioner of Quetta, the raid[s] have been put in place to gather such items.

Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad also seems to be active when he took notice of a citizen who complained about the alleged selling of trumpets and fire-crackers in a different corners of the capitol. He tweeted:

Though it may seem like small steps they have a bigger meaning. There are about only 2 days left, and many might have already gotten their hands on the Products. However the activeness of the authorities may help to spread the word and in the years to come, this practice might simply end in the streets and roads of Pakistan.


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