Pakistan Independence Day: Here’s how Twitter celebrated.

On 14th August, Pakistan celebrated its 73rd Independence Day. The country came into being after attaining independence from colonial British India. While the atrocities of British Raj can be read all across literature, this occasion is celebrated with great zeal and patriotism all across the world by Pakistanis.

Pakistan Independence Day marks the end of a long struggle that was initiated by the Muslims of India and resulted in a new separate homeland. On this event, many state leaders across the world joined Pakistan in celebrating.

Recep Tayyib Erdogan, the Turkish President and vocal ally of Pakistan, tweeted by saying:

Pakistan indeed enjoys a strong bond with the Turkish population and culture. Furthermore, Pakistani people seem to enjoy Turkish dramas a lot. With the recent release of “Ghazi Ertugul”, a Turkish TV show, this bond has grown even stronger.

Amidst of Ertugul popularity, various cast members of Ertugul also joined in to wish Pakistan. Notably, Celal AL posted on Instagram:

Additionally, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted to wish Pakistan as well. He stated that “Pakistan and Canada have a strong relationship, and it grows stronger every day thanks to the important contributions that Pakistani Canadians continue to make. Today, we join them as they celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day.”

The national flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines, celebrated the Independence Day in their own way. On a flight from Manchester to Islamabad, the crew members made sure passengers didn’t feel away from home. Furthermore, various flags and decorations were also put in place.

The Sikh community was not behind either:

Meanwhile Rabwah, an Ahmadi community, was not held back by the event.

The independence day was undoubtedly affected by the fact that the country is dealing with the pandemic of corona right now. However, the patriotism of Pakistanis on this independence day was still commendable. We wish health and longevity of this persistent nation.


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