Pakistan inks deal with Kuwaiti authorities to send 600 healthcare professionals.

ISLAMABAD: In an unprecedented move by the Pakistani and Kuwaiti authorities, the decision for over 600 Pakistani healthcare workers to work in Kuwait has been signed. This will allow Pakistani nurses, doctors, and paramedical staff to work in Kuwait and serve the Kuwaiti citizens. The numbers will be subjected to an increase as time passes. 

The agreement was announced by the Special assistant of the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Overseas Pakistanis Mr. Zulfi Bukhari in a tweet where he stated this move would allow both countries to open new avenues in the future.  

The government to government bilateral agreement is a welcoming step forward which is a good news for health professionals in Pakistan. The relations between Kuwait and Pakistan have been strong especially after Pakistani consignment helped demining Kuwait in the mid 90’s after the Kuwait Iraq war.  

Pakistani health professionals are well known for their skills and professionalism especially in the United States of America and Ireland; where the majority of the Doctors from Pakistan went and settled in the 80’s and 90’s. 

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