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With the surge of pandemic across the nation, there have been minimum options in terms of anything. When it comes to Eid-Al-Azha, things are no different. As all of us know, Pakistanis celebrate Eid-Al-Azha with great zeal. Every year, they remember the sacrifice made by Ibrahim A.S (Abraham) in the way of Allah on this occasion. However, since the pandemic, traders and customers have had a hard time getting engaged.

As a result, customers are now resorting to online platforms in record numbers. It is estimated that a major chunk of sales this year will be carried out online. Customers are using these online platforms not only to get easy access but also to avoid contracting Coronavirus.

Platforms like OLX, Daraz, and even Facebook have become a go-to for vendors to post their animals. In this regard, Instagram accounts have also been appearing from time to time with professionally made ads that target the right audience.

A typical goat for Qurbaani
A typical goat is a Pakistani go-to for Qurbaani

The Head of Sales for OLX Pakistan stated in an interview to Tribune, that more than 20,000 animals are being sold on the platform. Many more will be up for purchase in the upcoming days. OLX has been playing a key role by empowering these vendors and creating separate categories for their operations.

A revealing statistic is that majority of animals are being sold within a week of their listing. Furthermore, he shared that the current number stands at 80%, however, it will rise as Eid gets closer.

This hassle-free alternative to physical purchasing does seem like a better option, especially in this situation. Moreover, many market giants are entering this field in hopes of higher profits and revenue.

Source: Tribune

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