Pakistan Police: Senior Officer invites the daughter of a martyred fellow who herself inspires to join the force when she grows up

District Police Officer [DPO] of Khanewal invited the daughter of Constable Mr. Shabbir who himself was an ex-cop in the Pakistan Police service. Police in Pakistan do not have the respect it should because of the tremendous lives that have been given, thus this takes a heavy toll on the livelihood of those who have lost their loved-ones in the line of duty and for ours’ comfort.

In the heartwarming gesture shared by a tweet made by DPO Khanewal’s office has won the hearts and minds of Pakistani Netizens, with the majority of the Pakistanis appreciating the move and calling for better facilities to be provided to the families of Shaheed.

Rakshanda Shabbir, the daughter of Shaheed Constable Shabbir entered the office premises wearing a police uniform and was instantly received with salutes. Later she was welcomed by the DPO Khanewal himself who showed her the DPO’s office and gave a minor brief of what and how operations happen from the office.

It is extremely good to see these small gestures which are meant to not only inspire the young minds of Pakistan but also provide much-needed support. However, the government also needs to step-up to ensure better facilities are provided to the families of Shaheed officials.


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