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Pakistan receives appreciation from US for supporting intra-Taliban peace dialogue.

From an Ally to hell to now one of the most important partners in the US-Afghan-Taliban dialogue. Pakistan has always maintained a policy which offered peace as the only solution to the United State of America’s war on terror in Afghanistan.

The current Prime Minister Imran Khan was often condemned for his support towards a peaceful solution within Afghanistan. Now, United States after spending more than a Trillion dollar and more then 2,000+ dead, the country is moving towards a peaceful solution to Afghanistan, in the same manner, it did in Vietnam.

Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad stated that the Afghan peace process would not be possible unless the “sincere and unconditional support” of US’s Ally Pakistan.

What’s the role of Pakistan?

Pakistan holds a valuable position among the Taliban leaders who were ex-Mujahideen [veterans of Soviet-Afghan war], furthermore being a neighbor to Afghanistan and having the majority of Pashtoon people [an ethnic group dominant in Afghanistan], Pakistan can indeed offer a position which unlike others in the region cannot.

Thus, the recent visit of Commander CENTCOM, and US Special Representative to Afghanistan Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad at the General Headquarters [GHQ] and Ministry of Foreign Affairs [MOFA], suggest that the US trusts Pakistan with the completion of the Afghan peace-process in return Pakistan provides the same answer(s) what the US is looking for.

The statement by Khalilzad is much welcoming for not just the US-Pakistan relations but also for the peace process of Afghanistan. What the region needs is an end to war, and a peaceful solution is a gateway.

Shahnaseeb Babar

The writer is based in Pakistan who works has an independent Journalist with interests in Politics and current affairs. He tweets at @shahnaseebb

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