Pakistan sees a 28% decline in the number of COVID-19 patients seeking ventilators, claims Minister.

ISLAMABAD: Asad Umer, Pakistan’s minister for planning, development, and reforms said on Saturday that the country sees a decline in the use of ventilators. The decline, as per the statement of the Minister is about 28% which itself is a very significant number. 

The number of patients requiring life support of ventilators in order to fight COVID-19 has declined. Mentioning in a tweet, the Minister says: on the 20th of June, there were 546 patients requiring the need for ventilators but now the number of patients requiring the need for ventilators has come down to 394. 

The Prime Minister of Pakistan and his team have come out with what is known as “Smart lockdowns” a strategy to identify the red-zones of COVID-19 and seal them all together instead of putting the entire country on lockdown, which Pakistan’s economy simply cannot afford. 

Seeing the decline in the number of patients requiring the Ventilators is indeed very good, especially now that the country can produce its own ventilators, Pakistan may see a rise in export orders of homemade ventilators. 


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