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Pakistan Visa: Afghan nationals get relaxation.

Pakistan visa rules will be relaxed for Afghan nationals as a part of the new diplomatic policy by Islamabad. As the new ambassador took charge of his role, he vowed to create a more lenient policy for Afghan nationals to obtain Pakistan visa.

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There were some pointers that the nationals may be able to get Pakistan visa online, however, it has not been clarified yet. Furthermore, the security situation among both countries is not that stable to facilitate the process. However, many Afghan nationals obtain Pakistan visa for trading, studying, and getting medical treatment.

Afghan people are very close to Pakistani people in culture as well as in religion. The Pashtun people find their roots in Afghan tribes which have been residing in the area for hundreds of years. Source: Pixabay.

Mansoor Ahmed, Pakistan’s ambassador-designate to Afghanistan, said that these policies have been introduced to introduce an easy to follow framework for obtaining Pakistan visa in Afghanistan.

Primarily, a lenient visa will be given for various purposes such as business, study, and medical needs. Moreover, Mansoor highlighted that the PM Imran government will personally promote educational and medical tourism in the region. In this regard, government officials have taken a keen interest in the implementation of these policies.

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It has been mentioned that the final draft has been sent to the cabinet and government officials for approval. Once the initial draft is approved, the reforms will be put in place.

Prior to this proposal, Afghan nationals were required to do an exit and entry within a period of one month. The difference in this policy would be that Afghan nationals would no longer have to abide by that requirement. The condition for entry and exit has been lifted off.

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It has not been long since we introduced Pakistan visa on arrival for US citizens, so it was indeed time that Afghan nationals had their share too. In the near future perhaps, the citizens may even be eligible for visa on arrival.

The fee for Pakistan visa is Rs. 0 for Afghan citizens. This is because Pakistan visa fees had been completely waived off under an agreement earlier.

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