In a rather unique and subjectively unfortunate series of events, Malaysian courts have fined a Pakistani businessman eight buffaloes for insulting comments. It sounds surprising, however, the courts have termed it as a measure for the community to take a lesson from.

Needless to say, the issue was not of small magnitude either. The Pakistani citizen, and a permanent resident of Malaysia, Amir Ali, was pressed with the charges of passing derogatory comments against an indigenous community. The community resides in Borneo, which is the largest island in Asia by area. Furthermore, Borneo holds a special place in the world as well because it is the third-largest island in the world.

Kota Marudu, who presided the hearing of the case, stated that there were several videos of the person making insulting comments. Consequently, Amir pleaded guilty to the charges and was incurred the punishment.

Moreover, the court added that failure to comply will result in further fine and even 16 months of imprisonment.

Borneo, Malaysia
A picture captivating the beauty of Borneo

What was the reason to include buffaloes?

Well, buffaloes are seen as valuable items in the communities. These communities, that Amir spoke against, revere buffaloes. They are used to settle grievances and are often gifted as wedding gifts.

It is a positive thing to see that Amir was handed his well deserved punishment. It still needs to be seen if he complies or not.


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