Payoneer Faysal Bank: Partnership formed to aid freelancers.

Payoneer Faysal Bank, one of the most pro-efficient and safest digital wallets, and online money transfer; that is preferred by several Pakistani digital entrepreneurs and freelancers has now collaborated with Faysal Bank. As Paypal is missing in the country, Payoneer is indeed filling the gap. With its easy sign-up, 2-factor authentication method, and conversion of several currencies to PKR, Pakistani consumers are satisfied with its service and there really isn’t any reason they should not be.

With Payoneer’s partnership with Faysal Bank, one of the leading Banks in Pakistan, withdrawing cash instantly will become more efficient and safer; thus enabling the digital freelancers, businesses, and entrepreneurs to withdraw their funds from international clients in a much more efficient manner.


Payoneer Faysal Bank for consumers can be accessed by the Faysal Bank’s Digibank App. Through this, any customer can check their balance, recent transaction(s), and much more.

It is pivotal for the consumers to be a partner of Faysal Bank’s Digibank. The provided link can help them seek information regarding the closest Faysal Bank’s branch from their home. Customer needs a copy of their CNIC to get registered.

Such steps are crucial if Pakistan’s freelancing industry is to grow. The absence of Paypal causes several issues for international clients and Pakistani freelancers. Thus, it is indeed good to see Payoneer filling the much-needed gap.


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