Plan devised by authorities to ensure ancient rock carvings are preserved which are threatened by Diamer Basha Dam’s construction.

Islamabad – Pakistan’s Water And Power Development Authority or WAPDA moves forward with its plan to make a Cultural Heritage Museum most likely in the region close-by to Chilas. It is done solely to ensure region’s archaeological heritage is preserved from the on-going construction at Diamer Bhasha Dam.

WAPDA defines it as a “State of the Art” cultural management plan to be implemented. It is important to note that, the organization came under heavy criticism since the region is famous for possessing up-to 5000 year old rock carvings and conscriptions’.

Threatened rock carvings of Pakistan - DAWN.COM
Ancient rock carving at Chilas. Image courtesy: DAWN News.

The cultural plan will take help from the experts from University of Heidelburg of Germnay, Asian Development Bank, and UNESCO. Plan is to 3-D document the sites which may come under water once the Dam is being completed. Furthermore, the action plan also looks forward to secure Chilas Fort, and preserve it for future generations.

While the plan is certainly ambitious, however looking at the past, the country has near to less failed to preserve its historical monuments.



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