Restaurants open all across Punjab as new SOPs get implemented.


Restaurants all across Punjab are now being opened. This move comes in accordance with new SOPs. These SOPs are more lenient, however, their implementation has been made mandatory by the authorities.

These SOPs ensure that even after the decline of COVID, a second-wave doesn’t come through. Many western nations have suffered from the same neglect. A notable example is of the United States where businesses were allowed to open soon after the first wave. Furthermore, individuals did not show regard for wearing masks in public areas. As a result, the United States is suffering the burnt of the COVID in almost every state.

The SOPs implemented in Punjab aim to reduce the mistakes that the United States made. According to these SOPs, restaurants will be required to seat customers on alternate seats. Furthermore, there will be temperature screening at every entrance of the facility. It is to be noted that many of the restaurants in Punjab have permanently closed due to the impacts of the pandemic. This is the reason why it has become crucial for Punjab administration to open the facilities. As to not result in mass unemployment, these facilities will be opened with appropriate measures in place.

Moreover, these guidelines include very obvious methods to prohibit contraction of the virus. Firstly, the menu card will not be distributed across the restaurant to discourage physical touch and spread. Secondly, every person will be restricted to wearing a mask while entering. Furthermore, no actions such as shaking hands or hugging will be allowed on the premises.

On the point of sitting on alternate chairs, authorities have suggested using red ribbons or placing cards that will make the customers aware of the enforcements.

Amir Rafiq Qureshi who leads the Restaurants Unity Association, in Punjab’s capital city Lahore, states that all of the restaurants will surely follow the SOPs. Furthermore, he says that he is cautious about the management abuse that could take place. Consequently, he has instructed the management to record the management while they conduct an inspection.



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