Schools closed due to COVID-19? No problem because UNICEF has launched a “classroom at home plan” which is helping students to stay connect with their schools via WhatsApp.

UNICEF or United Nations Children Emergency Funds has developed a way through which students from underdeveloped parts of the country can continue their school education while studying from home, as the program allows the teachers to send instructions to Parents with the help of WhatsApp.

Pakistan’s literacy rate is one of the lowest in the region with only leaving behind troubled Afghanistan. India, Iran, and China, all neighbors of Pakistan are doing a much better job, and have been able to improve their literacy rate in the following years despite having a huge population challenge. Pakistan on the other hand, is left quite far behind! There are several reasons behind it: from War on Terror to Corruption to Lack of teachers and so on.

A local home made of mud, in Baluchistan.

Due to the COVID-19 Virus which entered the country during the end of February, 2020: Schools were immediately shut down as a step to reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus. For the developed and “upper” class students, this meant nothing different as the students owned Laptops, Tablets, and were familiar with doing assignment online and thus was not so difficult for the academics to turn towards “Online education” however in the poverty stricken population of Pakistan, it was a huge challenge and meant that the enrolled students might lose a year or so.

Seeing the existing challenge, the UNICEF came up with a brighter plan. Along with the help of local teachers, the UNICEF is working to provide educational content which is being circulated with the help of WhatsApp messages through which students are carrying-on with their education.

The initiative is known as “My home, my school” is helping students to remain on track with their education, and the students seem to love it. Such programs are needed in almost every part of the country so that the children remain connected with their much needed education.


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