Who were shortest-serving Prime Ministers of Pakistan?

Pakistan has been a democratically fragile country since its inception. Moreover, the plague of interference by the military and the establishment has continuously hindered strong democratic powers to take a hold of Pakistan.

The establishment is just one of the factors. Pakistan has been a participant of three major wars against India, which has further weakened its economic stronghold. However, even after these major blows, the country stands firmly on its ground.

Due to democratic fragility, Pakistan has opted for caretaker governments throughout history. These governments facilitate smooth implementation of the electoral process and nomination of the new Prime Ministers. These caretaker governments and prime ministers are short-tenured. Many of these governments have ranged from only days to months. This is the reason we cannot include them in our evaluation.

In this article, we will be looking at the shortest-serving Prime Ministers of Pakistan.

5. Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali (1 Year, 7 Months, 3 Days)

Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali represented the party PMLQ. This party was often nicknamed “Kingmaker” due to its ability to form and derail governments. Consequently, it was said that without being their ally, one cannot form a government in Punjab. Jamali was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan soon after the Musharraf Era in November 2002. However, due to political complications, he resigned from the post in June 2004.

4. Sir Khwaja Nazimuddin (1 Year, 6 Months)

In 1951, Liaquat Ali Khan was shot dead. Soon after his death, Khwaja Nazimuddin of Muslim League was elected as the leader of the country. He took the office in October 1951, however, his government was soon dissolved by General Malik Ghulam Muhammad in 1953. 

3. Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy (1 Year, 1 Month, 5 Days)

Suhrawardy took charge of the country in September 1956 after being nominated by Awami League. He was a notable lawmaker with remarkable “wit in law”. However, soon after he took the office, he had to resign due to loss of control over his party. Furthermore, his coalition members and allies refused to support him anymore.

2. Chaudhry Muhammad Ali (1 Year, 1 Month)

Muhammad Ali was appointed in August 1955 by a coalition of Muslim League and Awami Party. He was initially appointed as the Finance Minister in 1951 by Khwaja Nazimuddin under Bogra’s Talent Ministry. Later in his political career, he was notably very persistent on creating the first constitution of Pakistan. He was removed by his own party after a vote of no-confidence against him.

1. Ibrahim Ismael Chundrigar (1 Month, 29 Days)

Ibrahim Ismael Chundrigar, or more popularly known as I. I. Chundrigar tops the list shortest-serving Prime Ministers of Pakistan to this day. He was democratically elected and formed his government. However, after only 55 days of his government, he was ousted by a no-confidence movement that was led by the Republican Party and Awami League.

Shortest Serving Prime Minister of Pakistan
Ibrahim Ismael Chundrigar


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